About 10 punt 9

10 punt 9 (10 point 9 in Dutch) is specialized in high-tech target shooting. It was founded by Peter Hellenbrand, multiple Dutch champion and finalist in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Due to the extensive, years of experience in searching for shooting clothes with the perfect fit, Peter Hellenbrand eventually ended up with the company Hitex. Due to the high quality of the materials used and the precision with which everything is made to fit, this clothing is leading among the international top shooters. Because of the confidence in the product and the necessity of an importer in the Netherlands, the Hitex company asked Peter Hellenbrand to take on this importership, 10 punt 9 was a fact.

Besides good shooting clothes from the two top brands Hitex and Capapie, there are also many other shooting sports equipment that are necessary for the ambitious shooter. It is therefore logical to combine this in one company. At 10 punt 9 you will therefore only find a selection of the best materials available on the market. We supply the full range of Hitex, Capapie, MEC, Centra, Corami, TEC-HRO and AHG. Is your product not listed on our site? Get in touch with us. Often we can still deliver the desired product.

About Peter Hellenbrand

10 point 9 was founded by Peter Hellenbrand, multiple Dutch champion and participant in the London Olympics 2012. After having belonged to the Dutch top for years, he finally broke through internationally in 2010. The crowning achievement was the nomination (WorldCup Sydney 2011) for the London 2012 Olympics, winning a quota and ultimately qualifying for the Olympic final.

Through the many training and years of testing different types of materials, he has obtained a good picture of the various products available on the market.

He has decided to use this knowledge to raise the sport of shooting to a higher level, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, by providing the right advice with regard to the purchase of equipment.