Evotop shooting jacket
  • Evotop shooting jacket
  • Evotop shooting jacket

Hitex shooting jacket Evotop


Shooting jacket model "Evotop". The top jacket from Hitex.

NEW: EVOTEX-NG (new generation), more stable, extra long durability. Only available in white.

With the patented "Evotex" material you don't have to worry any longer about the stiffness controls. 

Fit: Standard size clothing (men: up to 54 / ladies: up to 46). Above +10%


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Shooting jacket EVOTOP is made of EVOTEX and the finest leather all around the body
and arms.

NEW: EVOTEX-NG (new generation), more stable, extra long durability. Only available in white.

Soft perforated leather (Air System) around the neck for comfort and ideal body
The fastening of the sling offers numerous variations.
Elasticated material in the elbows reduces wrinkles and allows optimal positioning of
the supporting arm.
EVOTEX around the upper arm spreads and reduces the sling pressure and reduces
TOP GRIP material is used on the supporting places.
Buttons are made of dural and are held-in-place thanks to a screw and pad.
Their replacement is very easy.

  • Evotex
  • A revolutionary and absolutely unique material
  • Respirant material due to Sweat - Stop - Technology
  • Stable in shape even at changing temperatures and humidity
  • Stability conform to ISSF-rules
  • Easily washable material
  • Various colour combinations

*NIEUW 2012*: Evotex-Print, the first shooting clothes who are available with a print in the clothing (Evotex material).


Our top-quality produtcs are 100% hand made in EU and we are sure they will satisfy even the most demanding customers. All models are made by ISSF rules, therefore you will pass all equipment controls. Furthermore, we only use the best materials and care is given to the finishing of the garments. Whether you shoot recreational or are planning to participate in major international competitions, there is always a suitable jacket and / or pants of the company Hitex for you!

From topline to recreational level:
- Evotop
- Evomix
- Professional
- Extra Match
- Match
- Cotton Star 

Besides the level differences in clothing, there are three possible fits:

1. The standard / dress size
Here you choose your size, it produces the smallest guarantee of a good fit, a perfect fit will be almost impossible. The advantage is that this is the cheapest option. It should be noted that the company Hitex adds 10% tot the price from size 56 men's and ladies size 48. Here you are so definitely better off with a tailored jacket or pants.

2. Tailored/measurement shooting clothes
The best and most popular variant is the tailored pants or jacket. This principle is known from several company's. You make an appointment with us to take the measurements (or do it yourself, however this is at your own risk). After the measurements are recorded, you can determine the colour of your suit, afterwards you will receive an email and / or print with an example of how it will look. After approval we will send the data to the company Hitex, that the suit will produce.

3. Custom made in the Hitex factory
These are basically the same procedures as in "tailor made/measurement", but then you drive to the company Hitex where a basic version of the jacket and / or pants is waiting for you. You will fit it and then you can proceed directly to the tailor to specify where it still is not perfect. This process is repeated until you are satisfied. With this form you are ofcourse guaranteed a perfect fit, but this is by far the most expensive. Please think of the travel and accomodation expenses. The company Hitex has approximately 1 to 1.5 day to produce a complete suit. Furthermore, the company Hitex situated in the north-east of the Czech Republic, about 1200km one way (from Brunssum, depending on where you live). Moreover, there are relatively cheap accommodation options in the neighborhood, offcourse we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation.

Hitex Evotop schietjas-Standaard maat (heren: tot 54 / dames: to

Data sheet

Leather / imitation leather:
Evotex / Capitex / canvas:
Extremely low profile buttons made ​​of high quality aluminum
Air system:
Soft perforated leather (air system) around the shoulders
Top Grip / CZ Grip rubber / Suède:
Top grip
The mounting of the sling holder:
The mounting of the sling holder can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally.
fastening of the sling:
The fastening of the sling offers numerous variations.
Elastic material inside the ellbows:
Elastic material is used on the inside of the elbows. This allows optimal bending of the arms.
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