TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0
  • TEC-HRO stand 3.0

TEC-HRO stand 3.0 Carbon


Rifle-stand "TEC-HRO stativ 3.0 Carbon"

even lighter, even more user-friendly in brilliant colors !!

Color: Blue
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The new TEC-HRO tripod 3.0 carbon is here!

Even easier, yet more user-friendly in brilliant colors!

Following further developments took place:

New, lightweight fiberglass / carbon fibre tubes in five brilliant colors 

Weight-reduced, new design of the feet

Quick release lever for the gun and ammunition store

Ammo-rest can be swivelled

New angle (100° instead of 90°) the long legs to each other for increased stability 

New materials and new design could reduced the weight again to now 1.25 kg is despite 5cm more pull-out height (max. height = 170 cm)!

For the first time, the ammunition-holder can be mounted also on the middle- and bottom- tube , which was called for by many shooters (for kneeling position). 

So was managed once again to improve the best selling stand of in recent years!

The advantages of the "TEC-HRO stativ 3.0 carbon"

Gun and ammunition- rest and foot midsection consist of light, CNC machined plastic and Aluminium

folded takes very little space (length x diameter 66cm only 9 cm) in the supplied tripod bag

very quickly and easily without tools to the Assembly and disassembly

The selected geometry of the foot allows you to set the tripod on the railing at the shooting range without "giving away space"

The rifle-holder found the required side of the pipe - thus less movement to drop the rifle

The fiberglass carbon tubes with quick clamping levers are extremely robust, very light - and have the pleasant side-effect that it pleasantly feel warm warm.

First and foremost, a tripod is used to relieve back and ensures a quieter end of shooting, what therefore is one of the most important paraphernalia at the sporting rifle shooting!

Info: A rifle tripod serves only as a support. The rules of the sport pretends that always at least must have one hand on the gun!

The new TEC-HRO rifle tripod 3.0 convinces by quality and functionality and excellent price / performance ratio.

Tripods from the House of TEC-HRO are the most common rifle tripods in the present.

TEC statief 3.0-Blauw

Data sheet

Max. 170 cm
1.25 kg

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